By Marketing Greece

The client was asking for a way to communicate the Athenian hospitality with the tourists that would come and visit Athens. We came up with an idea named Welcome Athenians. In other words we decided to treat the tourists like locals. We asked from locals to create a top 10 list with things to do in Athens and write a personal welcome message to go along with that list. When the visitor arrive at the airport they would find that personal welcome message at their mobile phone.

AGENCY: Tribal Worldwide Athens
ROLEArt Direction, Brand Identity, UI/UX



A Landing page was created in order to welcome the visitors with Athenian welcome messages.
The visitor could also register and gain access to a full profile with to do lists.


Web App

The app served as a direct contact hub between the Athenians and visitors.
The locals could create their top to do list and write a message to welcome a visitor.
Each visitor then sees a unique welcome message and a list of hot places and activities to do in Athens.