The Creative Survey was created in order to help us come to common insight of the greek creative profesions community. The Greek creatives may be many but with the creative survey there is a chance to get to know them better. It is an attempt to define the profesional and economical goals, in order to help achive them.

ROLEArt Direction, Brand Identity

WEB DESIGNJohn Anagnostou
CODING: Panagiotis Grigorpoulos
INITIATIVE: Konstantinos Penlides & Konstantinos Demetriades


The inspiration behind the logotype comes from the main tool of every creative person, the pencil. The link which symbolises the bound between all creative professions, and the two first letters of the Creative Survey. For the colour we chose a smooth 60% cyan which is close to the Greek national blue colour. A set of icons was created in order to help us spot the creatives we were aiming to.